➜http://amzn.to/2jz2fbB, Thai sweet chili sauce are great for egg rolls aka lumpia or spring rolls. This is my egg roll recipe for cooking your egg rolls a nice golden brown color so that it is crispy and cooked inside. Basically you just need to defrost the egg rolls, put enough vegetable oil to cover the egg rolls, turn the heat on high and then titrate it down accordingly, gently place each egg roll in the frying pot, flip each side over till golden brown, and then let it rest to cool down. Now you can enjoy your awesome eggs rolls weather is for you, family, friends, or at a house party gathering. Filipino lumpia are also known as egg rolls. I’ll be doing some feature videos on how to make some of my favorite filipino foods such as: pinakbet, pancit, sinigang, tinola, etc so subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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