20 Incredibly Useful Cooking Tips TO ENHANCE YOUR COOKING SKILLS | Mistakes most beginner cooks make & HOW TO MASTER BASIC CHEF SKILLS | Beginner’s Guide to Cooking | Cooking made easy

This meal is #Whole30 Compliant, #Paleo, and #Keto

You ever wonder how chefs create perfect dishes, and make it look so easy too! Has anyone ever shown you the fundamentals of cooking, or did you just learn by trial and error?

Over my years of cooking (and with the help of culinary school), I’ve learned some incredible techniques that elevated my cooking. I’ve also taught a lot of this to my friends over the years and noticed everyone tends to make the same mistakes in the kitchen.

So I put together the answer to the common mistakes and I am providing 20 basic tips to elevate your cooking and cook like a pro!! I even threw in some master chef secrets 😉 (you know the holy-grail kitchen techniques that only the professionals know)

During the process of me sharing these tips, I’ll be showing you how to make the easiest and most delicious coconut curry dish! The beauty of this dish is that it only takes 30 minutes to make.

I will be showing you some essential meat tips, knife skills, and cooking practices all while showing you how to make your own curry from scratch. I will also throw in a few Master Chef tips along the way. And at the end of the video I will share the secrets to elevate this curry sauce!

You’ll learn:
•The proper neat handling tips
•Special oils and salts to use
•Mise en place – an essential chef technique
•The proper way to cut and onion (without crying)
•How to sharpen your chef knife (to avoid those slips and cuts 😖)
•How to caramelize onions
•The proper way to cook vegetables

And so much more, all while learning how to make a delicious coconut curry from scratch!!

Try this recipe and share your thoughts! I’d love if you take pictures and share with me on Instagram!

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