In this video, I will be going through my camp kitchen – the cooking gear I take with me on overnight trips and canoe camps. Everything I need to prepare and cook tasty meals can be carried in a 50 litre barrel, which then becomes a worktop, table, wash stand, organiser, larder and chair in camp. The barrel is attached to a pack frame for easy and comfortable carrying. I hope this video will help to answer some of your questions on the kit I use for cooking – from pots, pans and kettles, to grills, utensils and food containers.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Thanks for watching!


Chutney barrel

LK35 Rucksack

David Friars ETSY (handmade pouches)

Nalgene bottles

Bullet Pouch

5ml plastic vials

Trangia chopping board

Bitty Big Q grill

TJM metalworks Mini Fire Anchor

Bivvy table

Ginger Scarff (utensil pouch and water collector)

First Need XL water filter

Honey Stove

Scotchbrite pads—grey/p/ZT1033883X?utm_source=google&utm_campaign=pla%2B%7C%2BAbrasives&utm_term=ZT1033883X&utm_medium=pla_css_2&mkwid=-dc&pcrid=377670277616&pkw=&pmt=&prodid=ZT1033883X&slid=&pgrid=%7Bgroupid%7D&ptaid=pla-392655338860&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpNr4BRDYARIsAADIx9ysO8gWqubUSydWYctnEznPL-mD4LuonzoxgdRTf2sYCNzlN9Nkv_kaAsCUEALw_wcB

Marmot work gloves

Merchandise – Patches and Stickers

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Big Sciota By Nat Keefe and the bow ties

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